Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting

Guaranteed Service fluorescent lamps are manufactured with premium materials, special phosphor blends, and feature a variety of Kelvin temperatures. Together, these components produce lamps with superior quality and high color rendering. Color rendering is critical in applications where skin tones must appear natural and colors need to be accurate. Many Service Guaranteed fluorescent lamps contain a cathode guard, which improves lumen maintenance by reducing end blackening. This reduction results in lamps burning brighter and longer.

Our special Envir-O-light. lamps are low mercury are compliant with the Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). An advanced dispensing system releases a precise dose of mercury (Hg) into the fluorescent tube, allowing Envir-O-Light. to perform like other fluorescent lamps with the added benefit using less and Available in a variety of Kelvin temperatures and CRI ratings, these fluorescent lamps enable consumers to enjoy greater disposal flexibility and lower maintenance costs. Envir-O-Light. lamps have a NEMA-compliant green etch identifying them as low mercury products. These lamps are easily identifiable by ENV in the code abbreviation.

Linear Fluorescent Lamps – Guaranteed Service fluorescent lamps come in a variety of styles and base types. Offering a 5100 Kelvin and 82 CRI Britt. Delux. lamps produce a white, bright light which improves visual clarity for daily tasks. With a 90 CRI,Spectralite lamps are carefully formulated to match sunlight which is ideal for printers, dental offices and labs where color matching is critical. Natural Lite, Plus lamps offer high CRI, cool color temperature, and full spectrum to combat symptoms &Seasonal Affective Disorder. Our cool white lamps feature 4100 Kelvin and 62 CRI to provide the most widely used lamp color in office settings. Emitting a warm white light, Guaranteed Service 3000 Kelvin lamps with CRI 54 CRI blend well with incandescent lamps to accentuate wood grain and earth tones. These lamps are ideal any office environment and other commercial applications.

The Guaranteed Service line also includes Trite. Enemy Saving 113, Super Series, and Daylight Plus. lamps.

Triten Lamps -Available in 3500, 4100, 5000 Kelvin options with 85 CRI, these lamps have a unique tri-phosphor Mend that generates high illumination, outstanding color rendition and extended lire The Triten lamp series is available in T8,T10, T12 and compact fluorescent lamp types These lamps provide optimal lighting solutions for retail applications, offices and factories.

Triten® Energy Saving T8 Lamps- The Guaranteed Service T8 fluorescent lamp line also includes 28 watt Triten energy saving and 25 watt Triten Ultra energy saving four foot fluorescent lamps, which replace both standard T8 and T12 lamps and provide up to 26.5% in energy savings. Also available in U-Bent styles, these T8 fluorescent lamps last up to 30,000 hours and feature 95% lumen maintenance at their rated life. Most of these lamps meet CEE specification requirements.

Super Series Lamps — The 700 series CRI Super Saver linear and U-Bent style fluorescent lamps come in a variety of color temperature: up to 5000K. These energy efficient light sources provide superior lumen maintenance over the life of the lamps.

Daylight Plus TM Lamps – Producing a cool color, strong in blue and green hues, this 6500 Kelvin/ 84 CRI lamp is used to improve lighting in factories and industrial buildings. By replicating the brightness of daylight, this fluorescent lamp portrays colors most accurately. Daylight Plus enhances the appearance of products in retail applications including jewelry counters, hair salons, apparel and appliance displays.


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